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Strategic web development

"If you build it, they will come"

Unfortunately the internet is not a field of dreams, users will not come just because you build it! The truth is with billions of pages online the chances of anyone finding your website are incredibly low.

To succeed online you need to implement a digital strategy to ensure that your website and marketing efforts, both in the real world and online work together to add value to your business.

Every website we develop is based upon strategies designed for your business. By learning how your business operates we are able to design websites that turn more visitors into customers.

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What is the primary purpose of the website, are you generating leads, educating customers, making online sales and what other features would be benefical to your customer?

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Lead Generation

Identify how you will drive traffic to your website, what actions different approaches may lead to and where possible customize the experience accordingly.

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User Experience

A good user interface should guide users through your website so they achieve your objectives not leave them wondering why they are there or what they should do. Think of your website as a virtual sales person!

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A successful digital strategy must constantly monitor, evaluate and adjust the website, marketing and conversion techniques to ensure the maximum Return on Investment is achieved.

Cross device compatibility

Over 60% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices

As the number of devices people are using to access the internet grows it's essential that your site can adapt to meet these requirements. You may have heard of the term "mobile first", Google has adopted this approach in its ranking algorithm and is giving preference to websites that adapt the way they display across all devices. We use responsive development techniques on every website we design to ensure that you don't lose out on potential customers because your website is not mobile friendly.

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free website review

If your site is not generating the results you desire we can take a look and let you know how users find it and what search engines think of it and give you tips on how to improve it.

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Local search optimization

Does your business serve a local community?
To get the most traffic from local searches your map ranking is key. Make it into the top 3 and you will appear in the map shown in the main search results. Optimize your website for local searches and make you business visible to more of your community.

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Online Reviews

Getting into the map is only half the battle. Over 90% of consumers read online reviews and 80% of people trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. If you want your business to be the one that gets the call or click you need to have the most, highest rated reviews.

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Pay Per Click marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy to boost your websites organic traffic. But, sometimes a business needs immediate results. Pay Per Click advertising on platforms such as Google and Facebook can generate instant traffic flow and customers for your business.

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We love to help businesses reach their full potential online. For more details about a specific service or for general advice complete the form and we will get right back to you.

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