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Integrated Digital Solutions

Integrated Digital Solutions

It can be hard for small businesses to keep up with advances in technology. With more and more business being done on, or generated through, the internet, it becomes harder for them to keep up and compete. IDS levels the playing field by providing small businesses with the knowledge and advantages large corporations are able to utilize on a daily basis.

Our History

Integrated Digital Solutions was founded by David Leonard who now acts as Lead Strategist. David spent over a decade working in financial services in London, England, the last five of which were as a business analyst. David Leonard, lead strategist at IDS After moving to America he decided to re-train for a new career and obtained an honors degree in IT, with a focus on web development. While studying for his degree he worked as a freelance web developer. During this time he discovered that while most small business owners saw the importance of having a website, lots did not have the time, resources or knowledge of how to use digital platforms effectively. It was this discovery and a desire to help small business owners to scale their business that led to the creation of the Integrated Digital Solutions.

The full service digital agency

One of the issues faced by small businesses when trying to improve their digital presence is the number of different companies they have to deal with. The Web Developers, the SEO companies, the Digital Marketers, Social Media experts, etc. Often all with overlapping services and advice. IDS aims to remove this confusion by providing comprehensive advise on development, marketing and reputation management across all digital platforms based on each individual needs.

A Virtual workplace

The modern workplace is changing. Thanks to advances in technology companies no longer need to be confined within four walls. Based out of Fountain Valley, CA, IDS uses the latest in productivity and communication tools to operate virtual offices. With clients spanning three continents these tools allow us to offer the same level of service to our international clients as we do to the local clients we visit in person. With none of the traditional expenses brought about by fixed locations, IDS is able to keep operating expenses low making it more affordable for small businesses to utilize our services. Clients pay for our skills and the benefits we bring their companies not our fancy offices!