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Google Reviews Just Got More Important

Google reviews are a great tool to build confidence in your business and increase your exposure in search results. But now they have even more importance thanks to the 'Ask a Question' feature on Google My Business (GMB).

If you are familiar with GMB you will know that this feature allows Google users to post questions on your business page. The biggest problem with this is that they could be answered by anyone, hopefully you answer them or some of your happy customers, but, they could be answered by people who have never used your business or even competitors trying to ruin your reputation! Now Google suggest answers to the users question based on the content of your reviews.

Reviews as Answers in Action

To see how this works let's look at the GMB profile for one of our Review Management clients, Vanek Dentistry. Let's imagine I have some sort of emergency and need to see a dentist as quickly as possible. I go to Google and ask for a dentist near me, I see a map of local dentists and click on Vanek Dentistry and their GMB profile pops up, so I click to ask my question.

As you can see before I have finished typing the question, do you do emergency appointments, Google has found reviews that mention emergency appointments and one mentioning working around difficult schedules. In this instance there is no need for me to post my question, I have had an immediate answer and due to the fact these are all 5 star reviews I am more than likely going to stop searching and contact them to make an appointment.

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