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Integrated Digital Solutions

Web Design Services

At IDS every service we offer is designed to work together to improve the ROI your digital expenditure. Your website is the foundation from which every service is built and serves as the biggest marketing tool at your disposal. The company website is often the first and sometimes only interaction a customer will have with your business so it needs to impress!

Strategic web development

"If you build it, they will come"

Unfortunately the internet is not a field of dreams, users will not come just because you build it! The truth is with billions of pages online the chances of anyone finding your website are incredibly low.

All of our websites are designed to help nurture your prospects and convert them into customers. Through extensive planning and the development of content strategies aligned with business goals we develop websites that help businesses grow.

Every business is different. We believe a successful website should be designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each client. This is why every website is built from scratch. NO themes, NO templates, NO shortcuts, 100% custom development. We work with business to design a strategy for how online activites can improve their business and then develop a website capable of meeting those objectives.

Responsive Design As Standard

Over 60% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices

As the number of devices people are using to access the internet grows it's essential that your site can adapt to meet these requirements. You may have heard of the term "mobile first", Google has adopted this approach in its ranking algorithm and is giving preference to websites that adapt the way they display across all devices. We use responsive development techniques on every website we design to ensure that you don't lose out on potential customers because your website is not mobile friendly.

free website review

If your site is not generating the results you desire we can take a look and let you know how users find it and what search engines think of it and give you tips on how to improve it.

Our Web design process


Every project begins with a discovery session. We discuss your business, current objectives, long term goals and how we can help to achieve them.


The strategy to achieve these objectives is then designed, we explore what digital platforms are required and develop the site structure and content.


The design phase of the project is where your website comes to life and a working prototype is produced. You are now able to see how your finished website will look and test the user interface to make sure it operates as needed.


The development phase is where the code is written to turn the prototype into an actual website. And, based on project requirements, integration with other systems is completed.


Your new website is then launched, ready to improve the ROI of yout digital expenditure. We also submit your website to search engines to speed up the ranking process.

Web Hosting

Save yourself the time and hassle of sorting out hosting for your new website and let us host it for you.

Free Web consultation

Book a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your business and see how we can design a website to help your business grow.