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Why Your Website Needs A Privacy Policy

When designing a website for clients one common theme is that the business owners do not know that they need a Privacy Policy and what the legal consequences are of not having one, or not having the right information on it.

What Is A Privacy Policy?

A Privacy Policy is simply a document which details what information your website collects about it users, what the information is used for and who it is shared with.

Are Privacy Policies Essential?

Yes. A Privacy Policy is a legal requirement. The 2003 California Online Privacy Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Regulations require any website which collects personal information to have a privacy policy. Failure to adhere to GDPR can lead to fines of 4% of global turnover, or up to €20 million, whichever is higher. The California act generates fines of $2500 per Californian visitor to your website.

As of July 2019 there are seventeen other proposed bills in various states. Which will, if passed, effect the privacy policy requirements of your website. It is worth noting that it is the location of the user accessing your site not your business location. This means you could be sued by people from states your business does not even operate in if your policy does not meet their states requirements!

Additional Benefits of Privacy Policies

Increasing users ability to trust your website with their data may lead to improved conversions. Having a clear, accessible privacy policy allows users to see exactly why you are requesting the information and what you will do with it. People are more likely to provide information when they feel it is secure. Try adding brief notes where applicable as to why you are requesting information on forms, this can lead to increased submissions.

Several companies require a privacy policy to enable you to use their products. Google Analytics and Ads, common services utilized by most businesses, require a privacy policy to be prominently displayed on your website. Failure to do so may lead to services being denied or removed upon review of your account.

Privacy Policy Generator

To ensure the complaince of our clients we have partnered with a law firm who specializes in auto-updating website privacy policies. Using this service your policy will be kept up to date with all requirements as privacy laws dictate, finally you can set it and forget it!

Call us now on (714) 735-7420 to find out how you can take advantage of this service at our specially agreed discounted rate.

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